That I believe!

“Zoom out” they say. Look at it from a bigger perspective. Imagine what could possibly be the worst case scenario and then analyze how realistic this would be.

Done and done. Still looks cloudy and scary.

The worst part of the event which has happened on November 8 was not the outcome of the presidential elections. It was not the fact that in order to get a decent job you must have a few years of experience. Yet you can run (and win) for the president of the United States with no experience. It was certainly not the nastiness and bigotry and lies of the pre-election year and a half.

Nope. All of that is, unfortunately, a part of the process.

The saddest part of that is the fact and evidence the presidential election has shone light on that racism exists, lies prevail, hatred among fellow human-beings is ever present and the “goal justifies the means” ideology has no limits in how low it can go.

Not that the above mentioned human traits have not existed before the election process. If anything I am actually grateful to the last year and a half for exposing the dirt under the nails. Shining light on the wounds shall heal them in due time.

That I believe!