Live music performances death. 

Perfect recordings of the great masterpieces of the past, loud and fake sound images created by the amplification, YouTube culture and Internet accessibility – all hopeless and fatal instruments of the modern times, which kill live classical music performances. There is no way around this reality, it’s a slow, tumultuous death for the classical music and the classical musicians out there. 

People are obsessed with speed, convenience, comfort. 

The very nature of getting things done faster, speeding up one’s life and “falsely” believeing that we are somehow more productive and more complete because we can access a PDF file from the opposite side of the planet is an empty and never ending projection of our desires to be successful in life. While getting things done faster and in a larger amount is impressive and, no doubt, a very satisfying idea, the negative effects of going fast and faster all the time are depriving us from enjoying a moment and appreciating the stillness and quietness of the silence. 

Going to a classical music concert is not for everyone and certainly isn’t easy to live through for a fast moving Culture of the modern days. Enjoying a moment, embracing the eternity of a minute of ones time, celebrating the depth of each movement, each phrase, each and every one of the tension-and-release moments – this is a priceless experience of a live classical music performance. 

A celebration of life through the depth and a truly endless spectrum of emotions of classical music is an experience of a lifetime or of an evening which enriches your everyday fast and furious life style with the warmth and beauty, both of which are lacking from so many people’s lives nowadays. 

Go to a live classical music performance. Embrace the new experience. Dive into the world of beauty and magic of the human emotions all expressed with the skills of the performers through the sounds of a composition. Live the moment endlessly and the emptiness of one’s existence shall be forever eradicated by the roots. Happiness is what makes listening to a live classical music concert a reality. Each and every live performance (even of a piece you’ve heard before) is unique, never to be repeated again and with the special magical qualities attached to it. Never to be missed. Always to be enjoyed. 

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