The magic of sound.

Being a magician of sound is a privilege denied to many. The flute sound is the closest to the most beautiful and powerful sounds out there – the human voice. We fluters don’t use any mouthpieces or reeds to help us to produce the sound. It’s all the air…

The air is traveling in and out of your lungs for the sole purpose to create the magic of sound. In the flute world the air is properly inhaled to fill out the lungs to their capacity before it is formed, with the help of the abdominal muscles, into a powerful and warm stream which, exiting the body through the properly formed lips, gets split by the flute lip plate edge roughly at a 60/40 ratio (60% of the air entering the flute body).

Let the magic begin and never end!

The air column in the flute body starts moving and vibrating by the entering air stream and with the help of the properly closed and opened keys on the instrument the length of the air column gets changed producing the tones of different beauty and range.

A world famous flutist has once summarized the above process into: “Playing the flute is easy – you gotta blow into the tube and push the right keys at the right time”.

The magic of sound is the way the souls speak to each other without words. If after a  performance there is at least one soul out there who has been touched and embezzled in the world of such wonderful conversation without words, I consider my job a success. Even though this is very rare these days, there are concerts which are worth living for.

Life is worth living for when you witness such magic every once in a while and hopefully help others to be submerged into the beautiful world of music!

2 thoughts on “The magic of sound.

  1. I thought I would support your blog by commenting.
    I also love the sound of a flute!

    I also think we need to end the bitterness and anger.
    And I hope you do not mind if I have a different perspective.

    Hopefully now that Trump has shown how to be courageous, people will not be afraid to bring “truth to PC”, and not be afraid to speak out against the PC bullies that rule popular culture. And hopefully he will be able to stop the lefts race agitation and stop their false accusations, that create so much anger and bitterness.

    Happy people tend to vote for republicans so the left needs bitter and angry people to get votes for them.
    I think it is so wrong to elevate yourself on the misery of others like the progressives are doing.

    If I am wrong tell me, I am listening!
    And I have thick skin so disagree away!

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    1. Thank you for the reply.

      I do not disagree that there is a lot of unhappy people in both major parties. I, personally, wasn’t crazy about Hilary. But considering the hateful and belittling rhetorics the Orange Man was using to get to the top, all that racist and sexist talking his campaign has been using to get ahead, the choice in this election wasn’t political for me. It came down to respecting all lives, all races, all people – this was my choice. It wasn’t really a choice. It was the only way to push forward, to improve everyones lives, to move into the 2017 and beyond.

      Instead we are now turning our social clocks back to 1950. Even though since after the election the Orange Man has not been too outspoken as far as his believes and phobias go about people of different races, different religions, different sexual orientations, his campaign has given a “right” to the white supremacists out there to act out on their phobias and to “clean up the States” of the none white people. His plans as a president (nor my president – never) include reversing many positive changes the LGBT community has seen in the last eight years, getting rid of some funding for the basic education (why would they need that – stupid people are easier to control) as well as, I’m sure, the many other things we don’t know about.

      It is a very scary time ahead for the US as a country and for the whole world.

      I do disagree though that the happier people tend to vote republican. In my mind, the happier the people are the more progressive they are. That can not be said about the republicans.

      Making fun of the veterans who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that this piece of pathetic existence (aka the Orange Man) can run for the highest office there is, belittling and bragging about his “manliness” through the sexist rhetorics about women, mocking the disabled reporter, heightening the importance of the white race – all of that and more were the things his campaign has used to ignite plenty of fear and rage , especially in the working class, for whom things didn’t go as well in the last eight years. Hence is the results of the elections.

      Sad times. Scary times. Digression in social and economical lives are ahead.

      I do hope that I am very wrong, though. Time will show…


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