The troubling…

The hope is still there. The future is very scary and troubling.

2016 hasn’t turned out to be a great year yet. Everything that has happened so far has sadly culminated in the election of the rather pathetic representation of the humanity of the most powerful country in the world.

He is not my president. He can not be unless he will prove me dead wrong on so many issues  – respect for minorities and women, fighting the rasism with everything he’s got, promoting peace and stability in the world and using his brains not his hormones (something no one has witnessed as of yet) to be a respectful president of the US. None of the above mentioned concerns have seen the light of hope. Yet.

I’ve came to America as a student one year before 9/11. I’ve since became a US citizen. I was always envy of the progress and great achievements of the US growing up in Russia. Despite the blooming prejudice against America in Russia, I’ve always been fascinated and drawn towards this country. Needless to mention that I was very excited, not without a slight hesitation (losing my Russian girlfriend was the biggest drawback 🙂 and full of hope when my plans to move to America have started taking shape.

My first few American years have been fully dedicated to studying and graduating. There was no time or interest in politics. In fact I was very prejudous myself being freshly from the country where being prejudous was a sign of strength and power. I was prejudous of African-Americans, of gays and all others who didn’t fit into my very limited understanding of what a society should and shouldn’t be.

That was the most shameful and sad period of my adult life – hands down.

Since then my life has changed for the better in more ways than I can recall. The best of which is my wife and my best friend in the whole universe, who I’ve met back in college. Thanks to her I’ve learned how to love life, how to respect all human-beings, how to see good in everything and everyone and how to be help in any way I can to those in need and despair. I got extremely lucky – I’ve found a beautiful woman who has excepted me as I am and made me better in so many ways.

To be continued….


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